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  • Calendar 2020-2021

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Please find attached the pricing for the next year or so!

All prices are also transparently on my Info page. Included on this page is the Weekend Bender, for a longer celebration


Helping you make progress

I have created a calendar to help with couples looking into booking for 2020-2021.

Because of the issues arising around COVID-19, 2021 will look increasingly busy with 2020 postponements.

Please have a look and see if your date is available. 

couple/ client area, gallery access

Where all the magic appears after the wedding date!

your guests can come have a peek when you're ready to dish out the password, and everything can download or purchase images from here to!


“How can i possibly sum up how wonderful Laura is? She made our day perfect, and not just because the photos themselves were excellent. She made all of our guests feel so comfortable and happy to be photographed and everyone was talking about how lovely she was, even now a month after the event. The photos are all very natural, even the big family posed ones which is impressive in itself! There isn't one out of the hundreds of photos she took that I wouldn't love to have framed around my house, they're so beautiful. With Laura you'll not just get someone who's wonderful at photography, but also someone who really cares about your day and wants you to get exactly what you want, going above and beyond! I can't recommend her enough!!"


Beautiful premium wedding albums, all made in the UK by super talented craftspersons.

Plus, a closer look at fabric choices!

about me, and

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so, as I could be the person who will spent maybe the longest length of time with you guys on your wedding celebration.... get to know me, and see if you could deal with having this lass with you all day...


based in oxfordshire & london, travel the world!



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