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not just your photographer

friend, confidant, explorer, organiser and general helper!

Wedding photographer

hey mate...

I'm a Friends dork, Grey's Anatomy sobber and wish I was good enough for MasterChef Australia!

I can cook a curry, or bake a crumble, but I am no Marco Pierre White!

Notice how those two dishes can be reheated? I'm a specialist at cooking a dish to eat all week

So, I once lived in Sydney, and adored it... I keep going back to find pieces of my heart to bring it back home with me

I love London... it's dirty, hectic and extraordinary!

I have a feeling that I will live in another country before I settle somewhere...

I talk a LOT! I can't help being chatty... but, I hate talking on the phone! I think it's something to do with wanting to see your lovely face in the flesh.

I did a Performing Arts Course at college, followed by Contemporary Theatre & Performance at University

I have always been creative, and probably use the right side of my brain more! I use intuition, imagination and feelings a lot.

and this is where my photography ventures...

I look more at colour, playful angles and emotion in my images, than technical correctness.

I have three favourite images I've ever taken...

1. An Indian Fisherman in Varanasi

2. A very young girl holding a teddy bear on the steps, right before a confetti cheer

3. Bride wearing her Wedding Shoes just as she had popped them on

Wanderlust wish list

Japanesse Cherry Blossoms

Penguins in Antarctica

Old Havana in an old Chevy

The Yosemite Mountains and Forests

Bali Beaches

Madagascar - Baobab Trees

The American Deep South

The Rice Paddies in China

Maldives from the sky!

Sri Lanka's dirt tracks

Vietnam... the temples of faith

Cappadocia's balloons

Snow sledging in Norway

African Safari in Spring

If its 'obvious' and not on here... I may have already done it!


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

winnie the pooh

My 'style'

As mentioned on a few stepping stones on your way here... My photography style is best described as reportage with fine art details. In simple terms, that means I like to capture memories of your day as it happens, and I limit the amount of interference I have in your day. However, I will 'artistically intervene' if I see something special!

I like to be present for prep as a bit of a 'warm up' for your day, as this gives me the opportunity to meet one of you early on, see how your nerves are doing, and mine haha.

Theres an opportunity to then capture you and your closest tribe before the days hectic schedule kicks in.

My favourite part of the day is capturing candids; your family + friends being themselves... belly laughs, sneaky drinks, silly dancing and bouncing!

but, I will ask for a formal list if it's important to you. Just be aware the formal pictures always take longer than planned as aunt barb has nipped to loo, or pops went to find a beer.

Something super important to me is the portraits... it's what makes me tick, and i adore being able to capture some cherished images of just the two of you together. So many people don't want to leave their guests, or they haven't 'scheduled' in enough time, however, I honestly believe it is super important to 'schedule' in alone time, and that's what this time is special for. Your guests will be absolutely fine if you leave them for 30+ minutes. My portraits are less posing, and more time to reflect and unwind after a morning of separation and busy thank yous.


I would love an email telling me all about your plans! the more info, the more excited I get!

please check your 'junk' folder if you haven't received a reply

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