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website, still in progress

Wow! I have spent some good time on this!

I have sat down and focused on re-designing the look of my website. It will always be an ongoing thing, as I am a Gemini, and We are never happy with how something looks duel to the split personality...

However, what do you think? do you like it?

By keeping the landing Home Page clean, you can see my favourite photos from recent weddings!

This one, I love because I have no idea what Charlie is whispering into Yukari's ear...

I have tried to make sure my personality is throughout the website, with touches of hand written elements

As you can see below, I have tried to maintain the cleanness of the landing page, but added some greetings!

The About me page is colourful, and a bit quirky, which are part of my personality. I love your, art and creativity, however I wanted the website to feel easy to read and navigate. Therefore, I have kept the quirky elements to my About me page. Be sure to look at the travel page to see a snippet of the countries I have visited.

I am a Relaxed, Natural and Candid photographer, using a documentary approach to capture your day. I do love Fine Art details, and will make sure that the special touches you invested your time into are documented along the way.

The Blog is a place where I like to share thoughts, pondering and creative projects I have done.

I have re-vamped the page to look a bit more appetising (literally! this food is from Yukari & Charlie's New Zealand Wedding).

I will post all the special things I think about, work on or would just love to work on one day!

If you would like to cooperate on a styled shoot, or have some promo work you would like help with, just drop me a message through the contact page.

One of the latest posts was about marquees, and alternatives... I would love a greenhouse style wedding, but due to logistics this would be hard, so I did a mini blog based on the alternatives.

Enjoy reading, and we'll speak soon

Laura x