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some of my fav 'marquees'

So, when thinking about my hypothetical wedding, I always think about the 'location' (I hope my future partner doesn't run for the hills after sneakily stalking my photography blog...)

Its so so hard in the UK to plan a wedding based on just 'what you want', as you have to think about the weather!! and theres nothing harder than trying to chose whether you risk an outdoors wedding/ reception, or settle for the guaranteed dry option! So luckily in the UK, so many companies are coming up with crafty ways of making 'marquees' cool.

I personally have thought about this at great lengths haha, as I would love a greenhouse style wedding, however I have found there are limited locations across the country that have generous sized greenhouse style buildings, which don't cost the earth... So I thought, maybe renting a completely transparent marquee and popping it up under the trees would make it feel like we're amongst the nature (My friends have always said I'm a bit of a tree hugger)... So heres some ideas I came across whilst researching my hypothetical Wedding!!!

The Transparent Marquee

We invest in our marquees to offer the latest in marquee design and are specialists in providing marquee hire for weddings, civil ceremonies, parties, corporate events, as well as marquees for temporary storage, dining extensions and exhibitions.

Marquee provided by; Hatch

The Dome

For the more intimate wedding or event, our timber framed single dome looks beautiful in any location, be it a misty valley, manor house grounds, middle of a field or a beach side setting.

Supplied by:

The Tipi

Our tipis make an inspired choice for any event. The beautiful structures blend perfectly with their surroundings due to their tan canvas and wooden pole structure.

Supplied by:

The Stretch Canvas Tent

Tentickle’s Stretch Tents in the UK have been covering spectacular weddings, successful corporate events and mega-stage events across Britain for many years now. Their unique functionality, beautiful good looks and unparalleled reliability have become the things function and events coordinators across the United Kingdom have come to dream of. Available to both purchase and hire, Tentickle Stretch Tents are the pride of our company and are the best possible way to create an outdoor space that perfectly matches the atmosphere, theme or type of special event that you plan to hold.

Supplied by:

They not hire a whole venue that will arrange all your worries! See below, The Oak Grove set in a beautiful location.

The Yurt

Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, an exhibition, or a children's sleepover, Cheltenham Yurt Hire will have a suitable yurt for you.

We have a variety of different yurts for hire of different sizes and designs

Supplied by:

The Emperor by The Pearl Tent Company

The Pearl Tent Company is a marquee hire company of distinction. We are passionate about the quality and style of our unique UK made white canvas marquees and our aim is to provide excellence in both the quality of the tents and the service. As architecturally beautiful as they are robust, these spacious tents are constructed from crisp white canvas and can withstand even the blusters and vagaries of a British summertime.

Supplied by:

The Sui-Shi Dome

Sui-Shi Domes specialise in the design and manufacture of highly distinguishable Domes. The Domes are unique in style and appearance and will add an exceptional dimension and personality to your event. Available for hire.

Supplied by:

The Travelling Barn

The Mission of the Travelling Barn has been to revive, revitalise and popularise heritage Timber Framing skills and ancient building techniques, and to adapt it to the temporary structure arena. We have sought to bring the timeless integrity of traditional timber framing into the visual vernacular of the Festival scene - one so dominated with aluminium, plastic, scaffold and ply.

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