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Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017 Everyone!

My new years resolutions:

1) Be more Creative!! I have decided that in 2017 I need to make that move from Part Time hobbiest, to Full Time photographer... an exciting future awaits. I will be taking on more Weddings than I have in the past, and I would also like to do a styled shoot every 6-8 weeks, so I can carry on being and feeling inspired.

I will also add a 'shop' to my website to sell personalised Guest Books and 'Peoples Places' illustrations. the website on Etsy [below] is a start... however, far from finished!

2) Eat and exercise more! working a year solely behind a desk increased the size of my bottom! so this year I'm going to be more active... great news is, Weddings mean I'm on my feet all day, so sure, this should be easy right?

3) Start the process of 'loving myself', learning that I am great at many of the things I do! I have a real problem with congratulating myself, or 'bigging up' myself... so I need to start feeling more positively in my capabilities.

4) Try to stick to these New Years Resolutions!